[Online banking] How do I make a payment for "Online Banking" option?

It is very simple to pay using Online Banking. Choose a product to purchase > Click on 'Proceed To Checkout' (in Shopping Cart) or 'Buy Now' in product page > Select Payment Option > Select Online Banking > And choose from the list of banks available.

Once done, you then will be redirected to Online Banking page to login to your selected bank to complete your transaction. Once your payment is completed you will be redirected back to the Swhhe confirmed page. You are now ready to receive your order!

1. Click on 'Proceed To Checkout', then choose your Payment Option.





2. Select your preferred bank to pay with and Proceed.



3. Once you have chosen your bank, proceed to click Place Order and you will be prompted to the bank page.


4. You will be notified as shown below once your payment is successful.